My thanks to Mark Stevens (who in turn thanked Nick Norelli) for providing this link.  Robert Slowely has provided some initial stats comparing the updated NIV with the old NIV and the TNIV.  He acknowledges that there are some mistakes but none that would greatly affect the numbers he has provided.  Here are the overall statistics:

Overall statistics

Outcome Num verses Percent
All the same 18756 60.3%
NIV2011 verse missing 79 0.3%
NIV1984 adopted 184 0.6%
TNIV adopted 9728 31.3%
New variant 2351 7.6%

Robert is asking that if people spot a bug or have suggestions on how to make the pages more useful to please contact him.  His email and blog information are available on the site.  In a comment provided by Robert on Mark’s blog he explains the stats this way:

“I think the % figure will depend on how it’s calculated (there are lots of ways it could be done). What I’ve done is show the % of verses that are changed (or stay the same). I suspect what they’ve done is look at the % of words which have changed. That would probably account for the difference.

The stats are saying that in 0.6% of the verses the NIV2011 uses the NIV1984 verses. In 31.3% the TNIV verse is used (where that differs from the NIV1984 verse), and in 7.6% of cases the verse text is unique, not in either the TNIV or the NIV1984.”

UPDATE:  You can find a similar chart by John Dyer here.   Dyer’s figures are close to  Slowely’s. 

The totals for Dyer are as follows:

NIV2011 same as NIV 1984 = 60.53%

NIV2011 same as tNIV = 31.22%

NIV2011 which is new = 8.25%