Scot McKnight has started a series of reviews on Love Wins.

The media is having a field day on the recent discovery of some lead codicies. Meanwhile the blog world is picking it apart. See Larry Hurtado’s blog and this roundup of reviews by Mark Goodacre.

This one is for my philosophy lovers. William Lane Craig has just completed three sessions on the ontological arguement for the existence of God. You can find this on his “Defender’s Podcast – Series 2” parts 23-25. These podcasts are nice because they are part of Craig’s Sunday School class so the audience is not philosophy students.

One more for the philosophy buffs. Due to budget cuts the University of Nevada Las Vegas is considering cutting their philosophy department. This pains me to think about it. Francis Beckwith wrote a letter to the president of the university urging him to reconsider this move. It is a must read.

A recent biography on Ghandi, the Great Soul, reveals a side of Ghandi I’ve never heard about. See here for an intriguing review.

Since we started with Love Wins I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the “nearly inverted version of Pastor Bell’s 3 min video offering the exact opposite (and equally reductionistic) view of God, through the lense of justice, instead of love.” This was intended not to critique Bell as much to “highlight the the role that ‘production values’ play in rhetoric.” It was done by Jeremy Grinnell, Ph.D. from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.