We just received our samplers of the NIV Study Bible 2011 Edition. They are beautiful. The vibrant colors of the photos, charts, graphs and illustrations are very appealing to the eye. I’m told the notes have been tweeked to coincide with the new NIV. Next time you’re in the store stop by my desk and pick one up. If you’re not local stop by your local Christian bookstore and ask to see one. The Bibles are due to be in stores in November. Below are the ISBNs of what’s coming out. They are linked to Zondervan’s website. Click on any of them for further information of that particular edition.

9780310438922 – Hardcover, Jacketed Printed

9780310443261 – Hardocver, Jacketed Printed, Black Letter Edition (due Jan 2012)

9780310437444 – Bonded Leather, Burgundy

9780310437437 – Bonded Leather, Black

9780310437451 – Italian Duo-Tone, Berry Crème/Chocolate

9780310437468 – Italian Duo-Tone, Burgundy/Black (website says chocolate/black)

9780310437383 – Top Grain Leather, Black

9780310437536 – Premium Leather, Ebony

Large Print

9780310437550 – Hardcover, Jacketed Printed

9780310437574 – Bonded Leather, Black

9780310438663 – Italian Duo-Tone, Turquoise/Caribbean Blue

9780310438670 – Italian Duo-Tone, Black/Camel

Personal Size

9780310437338 – Softcover

9780310437321 – Hardcover, Jacketed Printed

9780310437352 – Bonded Leather, Burgundy

9780310437345 – Bonded Leather, Black

9780310437369 – Italian Duo-Tone, Charcoal/Pink

9780310437376 – Italian Duo-Tone, Tan/Blue

Compact Size

9780310438656 – Italian Duo-Tone, Tan/Burgundy

9780310437390 – Italian Duo-Tone, Red/Tan