One of the newest Bible translations to appear is the Common English Bible. As with any new translation it will have to find its niche in order to survive the plethora of options available to the English speaking public. It is slowly gaining visibility but not always for the best reasons. Even though it has replaced the TNIV at Fuller Seminary, [UPDATE: Dr. Green has commented that Fuller did not replace the TNIV but approved the CEB along with the TNIV. See comments.] the talk of the town concerns one of its most unique translations: the phrase normally translated as “Son of Man” is translated as “Human One.”  Joel Hoffman, from the blog, God Didn’t Say That, offers a nice summary of the pros and cons on the translation. The post is well worth reading. His conclusion is as follows:

I understand the motivation behind “human one” in the CEB. And I think that in isolation it’s a better translation than the traditional “son of man.” But in the broader context of the full NT, I think the association with “son” is too central to give up, and so the CEB misses more than it captures.

Of course, no translation should be judged on any one passage or phrase. The list of translators is impressive by any measure with such notables as: Joel Green, Richard Hays, Richard Hess, Michael Bird, Bill Arnold, Luke Timothy Johnson, Tremper Longman, and David deSilva. According to the website “more than 500 persons from 22 faith traditions participated in the development of the CEB translation, which includes 120 translators, 10 editors, and 77 reading group leaders.”

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