2011 ESV Text Changes

Yesterday I had a customer ask about the changes that are being made in the 2011 ESV.  According to the website “[t]he extent of the word changes is comparatively small, involving about 275 verses and less than 500 words out of more than 750,000 words in the Bible text.  To put this into perspective, the changes to the ESV are about one one-hundreth of the changes made recently in other leading Bible translations.”

You will recall I did a previous post which showed the ESV committee debating the translation of the Greek word doulos (slave). The committee decided to change the translation from “slave” to “bondservant.” If you want to know if a particular edition of the ESV has the most current text look for the following notice on the copyright page: “ESV Text Edition:  2011.” You can find a complete list of changes here.


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