Several months ago (if not a little longer) a controversy was sparked by a criticism made by Norman Geisler against Mike Licona concerning a particular interpretation of Matthew 27:52-53 Licona advocated in his book The Resurrection of Jesus. For a survey of the controversy see the Christianity Today article here. In a nutshell Geisler accused Licona of denying inerrancy by virtue of his interpretation. Most recently Licona read a paper at the ETS conference where he defended his position (although he has modified it a bit since the release of the book). Geisler has, of course, responded to the paper which you can find here. This controversy reminded me of the ordeal that Geisler had with Murray Harris years ago over Harris’ view of the resurrection of Jesus. (See here for a paper by Gary Habermas on the subject.) The YouTube clip below features the thoughts of Paul Copan on the subject.