In Store Now – “Changing Churches”

In yesterday’s post I talked about the topic of those who are changing faith traditions. So imagine my surpirse as I was getting ready to leave work yesterday and I saw a new book from Eerdmans come in called Changing Churches. Needless to say I didn’t have any time to really look at it but here’s the catalog description:

Sharp controversies – about biblical authority, the ordination of women, evangelical “worship styles,” and the  struggle for homosexual “inclusion” – have rocked the Lutheran church in recent decades. In Changing Churches two men who once communed at the same  Lutheran Eucharistic table explain their similar but different decisions to leave the Lutheran faith tradition – one for Orthodoxy, the other for Roman Catholicism.
Here Mickey L. Mattox and A. G. Roeber address the most difficult questions Protestants face when considering such a conversion, including views on justification, grace, divinization, the church and its authority, women and ministry, papal infallibility, the role of Mary, and homosexuality. They also discuss the long-standing ecumenical division between Rome and the Orthodox patriarchates, acknowledging the difficult issues that still confront  those traditions from within and divide them from one another.

As you can see from this description the book has a focus on two people who left Lutheranism for other traditions (Orthodox and Catholic) but the issues are relevant across denominational lines.

Changing Churches is from Eerdmans Publishing and is a hardcover with 336 pages and sells for $36.00.


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