D.A. Carson on Reading the Bible Both Devotionally and Critically

I have a distinct memory of talking to a friend of mine who had just graduated from seminary. At this point I had aspirations to go to seminary but that’s what they were at this point–mere aspirations. I asked what seminary was like and his response took me back. He said something along the lines that seminary had destroyed his devotional life. Now that he had graduated he wanted to forget about Greek and exegesis and all these things he had learned and he just wanted to get back into the Word. Before I went to seminary I went to Moody and of course as students we all had that same question–how do we preserve our devotional life. Many counseled us not to make our homework our quiet time. What I found odd was that sometimes I couldn’t help but make it my quiet time. As I spent time on a passage and I parsed verbs and found new nuances I discovered that I often felt just as moved in these moments as in any of my previous devotional times. I didn’t work at it but they came naturally. Now I realize my experience is probably a minority one but I can testify that it can be done. I was pleased, but not surprised, by Carson’s answer in this video. I absolutely resonated with what he says here. This is not only a question for seminary students. It equally applies to small group leaders or pastors or lay people who are involved in an intense study of Scripture. If this is a question who’ve struggled with this will be four minutes of well-spent time.


Read the Bible Devotionally — and No Less Critically from Desiring God on Vimeo.


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