Why is the Cambridge Pitt Minion Bible Called “Pitt Minion”?

One of my best selling brand of Bibles is my Cambridge Bibles. We carry both new and slightly hurt editions. There is a particular series of Cambridge Bibles called the “Pitt Minion”. I am often asked why is it called “Pitt Minion?” Here is the answer:

The Pitt Building, built to house the Press and named after William Pitt, Prime Minister of Britain and Member of Parliament for Cambridge University, lent the name to series of Pitt Press publications from the nineteenth century onwards. Minion is a traditional term for a type size of approximately 7 point, giving text of about 10-11 lines to the inch.

These are beautiful Bibles with a compact size and the goatskin cover, in particular, is gorgeous. Pictured below is the box cover for the NKJV Pitt Minion goatskin edtion.


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4 Responses to Why is the Cambridge Pitt Minion Bible Called “Pitt Minion”?

  1. Timothy says:


    Thank you for answering a question I have always had, but never took the time to look up. Now, I just have to wait for Cambridge to publish a Catholic version in the Pitt Minion editions! 🙂


  2. Theophrastus says:

    There were two William Pitts: Lord Pitt the Elder and his son, Lord Pitt the Younger. As it turns out, both were Prime Ministers of Britain, so that designation does not distinguish them. As

    The Pitt building is named after Lord Pitt the Younger, who became Prime Minister at age 24 and lead Britain against Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars.


    • Louis says:

      Thanks for the clarification. I had wondered about that myself. I figured it was the Younger but wasn’t sure. I was going to contact my Cambridge rep for the answer but you beat me to it and saved me a phone call!


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