Coming Soon – “Four Views on the Apostle Paul”

Michael Bird gave a heads up on a forthcoming book he helped edit called Four Views on the Apostle Paul. The line up of contributors is very impressive. I list them here with their respective viewpoints:

Luke Timothy Johnson (Catholic View)

Thomas R. Schreiner (Reformed View)

Mark D. Nanos (Jewish View)

Douglas Campbell (Post-New Perspective View)

The contributors were asked to address four areas: 1) What did Paul think about salvation?, 2) What did Paul think of Christ? (Did Paul think Jesus was God?), 3) What is the best framework for understanding Paul?, and 4) What significance does Paul have for today? (What is the relevance for us in reading Paul?)

In the video clip below you will hear from each of the contributors (with the exception of Luke Timothy Johnson) and Michael Bird.

Watch for this in July. The publisher is Zondervan and it will be a paperback with 304 pages and sell for $19.99





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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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