It’s been a while since I’ve done a best-seller report for my Bible department. Here’s the top ten by translation for January through March 2012. We’ll work from the bottom up and after that I’ll offer a few thoughts.

# 10 – NRSV

# 9 – The Voice

# 8 – The Message

# 7 – NASB

# 6 – TNIV

# 5 – NKJV

# 4 – ESV

# 3 – NLT

# 2 – KJV

# 1 – NIV

This list surprised me. I was not surprised to see the NIV being at the top. She has held that spot with relative ease for some time now. Normally, the ESV comes in strong at second place. To see it drop to fourth was a surprise. For most stores I would imagine the TNIV is a thing of the past but it still has a solid place for my customers but its days are numbered. Coming in at ninth was The Voice. It was featured in one of our recent catalogs which gave it some visibility and I think explains its presence. Two translations are noticeably absent: HCSB and CEB (Common English Bible). The HCSB is usually in the top ten for nation-wide sales and the CEB just made it in for April. The HCSB has had a significant drop in my sales in the past couple of years and the CEB has not quite caught on yet. Tomorrow I will show you my top 10 selling Bibles for this same quarter.