Top Ten Selling Bibles for January – March 2012

Yesterday we saw the top ten selling Bibles by translation. Here are my top ten selling Bibles for January – March 2012. We’ll start with number ten and work our way up.

UPDATE: Someone asked if I would share the actual sales numbers for this. I’m happy to do that. He also wanted to know if there was national monthly totals somewhere. The answer is yes. You can find that here although they do not give any numbers. I’ve added the total number of my sales for the quarter after the ISBN.

#10 – ESV Economy Bible – Crossway (9781433528460) (20)

# 9 – NIV Thinline Bible – Zondervan (9780310435655) (21)

# 8 – Essentials of the Christian Faith – Zondervan (9780310442400) (29)

# 7 – The Voice New Testament – Thomas Nelson (9781418550769) (31)

# 6 – NIV Church Bible – Zondervan (9780310436133) (39)

# 5 – New Believer’s Bible – Tyndale (9781414302546) (48)

# 4 – TNIV Study Bible – Zondervan (9780310934691) (56)

# 3 – Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bible – Thomas Nelson (9781418546533) (80)

# 2 – Live Recovery Bible – Tyndale (9781414316260) (81)

# 1 – The Story – Zondervan (9780310950974) (94)


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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7 Responses to Top Ten Selling Bibles for January – March 2012

  1. jonahmb says:

    That is strikingly sad that the Essentials of the Christian Faith only includes the New Testament!


  2. Gavin Young says:

    I thought the TNIV Bible translation was no longer in print. Is it now in print (at least in the Study Bible edition), or are you only selling those copies printed of it prior to the introduction of the 2011 edition of the NIV?


    • Louis says:

      Hi Gavin,
      The TNIV is for all intents and purposes out of print. I have a few churches that really like it so I’m selling my remaining inventory.


      • Gavin Young says:

        Louis, thanks for the information. Are the study notes in the TNIV Study Bible virtually the same as those in the NIV Study Bible or are they very different? What kind of cover does the 9780310934691 have and how much are you selling that edition for?


        • Louis says:

          The notes are virtually the same with some minor modifications. The ISBN you refer to is a paperback and I’m sold out with no plans to reorder for store stock.


          • Gavin Young says:

            Thanks telling me that. I mentioned that particular ISBN because that is the one you used in your best seller list. Since I have a NIV Study Bible and a regular TNIV Bible, I probably don’t need a TNIV Study Bible.


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