Have You Heard of the Colossian Forum?

One of the things I enjoy about working book tables is the opportunity I have to talk with people for extended periods of time that I couldn’t normally do at the store. Such was the case this past weekend at the Cornerstore University Conference for the Society of Philosophy. I met Nathan Smith who works with the Colossian Forum. Our conversation was peppered with regular interuptions as he tried to keep his cute little two-year old daughter focused (a task any parent will tell you is futile!). After the conference I spent a little time looking at their website which you can find here. There you’ll find a new kind of conversation which addresses the issues of faith, science and culture. What’s new about it? The Forum is based on the importance of character formation through virtue ethics. As they explain in their manifesto:

In particular, we believe that it is crucial to locate the center of gravity for these conversations in the nature and mission of the church as the body of Christ, rather than letting the center of gravity shift to the cultural issues and various “positions” associated with them.  If the church has been unable to carry out constructive internal conversations about these hot-button cultural issues, it’s not simply because we lack correct beliefs or adequate information, it’s also, and more importantly, because the church lacks an adequate ecclesiology.  The issue isn’t whether there can be a dialogue between faith and science; the issue is whether the body of Christ has the requisite virtues to sustain such a conversation.

For more watch this eight-minute video.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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