The Highlight of My Orlando Trip

It’s good to be back to work. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Orlando at the 2012 International Christian Retail Show. I’m working on a post entitled “Reflections on the 2012 ICRS” which I hope to put up in the next day or so. But I wanted to single out what was the highlight for me. I was at the CBA member lunch and noted on the agenda that a Christian artist was going to sing. To be quite honest I don’t listen to a lot of Christian music. When on the rare occasion I have to cover our music department I feel uniquely inept to be of any help to anyone. A true fish out of water. So when I saw this I was not entirely happy. I wanted to eat my lunch, hear a couple of nice thoughts and get back to doing my thing. To top it off the artist was Matthew West–a name I had never heard of. My cynicism was threatening my spirituality in a major way. (Sad, but true.)

When Matthew came on the stage I was immediately taken with his personality. “This seems like a really nice guy” I thought to myself. He sang a song and I actually liked it. My cynicism was melting. Before the next song he played this video which gives the story behind the song entitled Forgiveness. Half way through the video I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. “I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry.” was the mantra running through my head. By the end of the video the tears were unstoppable. Every one at my table was wiping their eyes and as he sung the song the tears kept flowing. This was no cheap play on the emotions–these tears were a response to the marvelous work of God in the work of a circle of people in the face of an ugly tragedy. It was powerful. I noticed that he was going to be at a booth signing a CD right after the lunch. I stood in that line (it was the only line I stood in) to simply say thank you for a beautiful song. If you want to see what the power of forgiveness can do watch this video. I hope you enjoy it.



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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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One Response to The Highlight of My Orlando Trip

  1. “My cynicism was threatening my spirituality in a major way.”
    Wish I could not relate to these words.


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