I was walking through the store the other day and my eye caught the cover of a book by Ben Witherington entitled A Shared Christian Life. I started to browse through it and loved what I was reading. Here’s just one part which I especially enjoyed.

“It is hard to exaggerate how important John Wesley saw taking Communion regularly was to the normal Christian life and to growth in grace. In fact, so important was it to him that he wrote an entire sermon entitled, On Constant Communion’ in which he argued that regular Communion was not enough!

“In Wesley’s view, spiritual formation, indeed Christian growth, needed to focus on prayer, probing the Scriptures, and taking the Lord’s Supper–not on having a personal spiritual director; not on going on spiritual retreats; not on reading a lot of books on how to improve one’s Christian life or discern God’s will for one’s life. However much there might be other things that can improve a person’s spiritual formation, it is precisely and especially these three things that Wesley said, ‘we Methodists’ should concentrate on.”

“And notice this: although Wesley is exhorting us as individual Christians to do these things, all three of these things can involve something we do with other Christians; and in the case of taking Communion, we are talking about a practice that is not normally supposed to happen apart from when Christians come together.” (92-93)

A Shared Christian Life is from Abingdon Press. It is a paperback with 186 pages and sells for $14.99.