Coming in November – “God and Morality: Four Views”

I just got in the IVP catalog featuring the forthcoming titles for this winter. I’m excited about a new entry in the Spectrum Multiview Book Series: God and Morality: Four Views. Here’s the catalog description:

Is morality dependent upon belief in God? Is there more than one way for Christians to understand the nature of morality? Is there any agreement between Christians and atheists or agnostics on this heated issue?

In God and Morality: Four Views four distinguished voices in moral philosophy ariticulate and defend their place in the current debate between naturalism and theism. Christian philosophers, Keith Yandell and Mark Linville and two self-identified atheist/agnostics, Evan Fales and Michael Ruse clearly and honestly represent their differing views on the nature of morality.

Important differences as well as areas of overlap emerge as each contributor states their case, receives criticism from the others and responds. Of particular value for use as an academic text, these four essays and responses, covering the naturalist moral non-realist, naturalist moral realist, moral essentialist and moral particularist views, will foster critical thinking and contribute to the development of a well-informed position on this very important issue.

This should be an interesting exchange. Watch for it this November. God and Morality: Four Views is from IVP Academic. It will be a paperback with 256 pages and sell for $22.00.



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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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