I haven’t done one of these posts in a long, long time. No particular reason–just haven’t. But for those who are curious here are some things I thought were interesting.

Ben Witherington features an interview by Phil Donahue with Ayn Rand. This interview brought back memories as I remember watching it when it first aired. What I remember most was at the very end of the interview Donahue brought up the recent death of Ayn’s husband (this was her first interview after his death). She said if she thought her husband was on trial before God or saint Peter she would commit suicide in order to help him in the trial. And as only Donahue could do he gently suggested that having her there might not be in his best interest! I couldn’t believe he could be so bold. He did say his “comment was offered with love” and I think he meant it and it appears she took no offense. You can see the entire interview on YouTube. Start here for part one. If you want to see the comment I talked about look at part five of the interview and start around 7:45 and watch till the end.

Here’s a beautiful video about the love of books. It’s “Toy Story” for books. I loved it. The scene where he performs surgery on the old book is great.

In an article from Christianity Today Leslie Leyland Fields spots some problems with our current obsession with finding “The Story” of the Bible. It’s an excellent article.

She writes,

“Somehow, in pursuit of the larger story, we’ve empowered ourselves to reorganize, distill, edit, and rewrite the actual Scriptures. We have failed to recognize that each of these activities not only interprets but also reduces Scripture.”

“In pursuit of Story, we’ve abridged the Bible. We’ve edited out the non-narrative parts. We’ve reworded the text. We in the church have been committing such acts of revision comfortably for some time. And for postmodern churches and pastors who are calling for a “new kind of Christianity,” this is not enough. Some high-profile pastors are forming a Christianity defined purely by Story. “Story” is a near-exclusive category that rejects traditional formulations of the Christian faith: apologetics, doctrine, systematic theology, propositional truths. The Christian faith is first, last, and always a story. And we’ve not been telling the story right, say Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, and other leaders in the emergent church. All are looking to tell a “better story” than the one they accuse evangelicals of telling.”