William Lane Craig on Divine Aseity

Heads up, this post is for the philosophy geeks. For the past several years William Lane Craig has been devoting his attention to the subject of God’s aseity or the doctrine that God is a self-existing being. The explanation for God’s being is contained within his own nature. All other beings derive their existence from an external cause. One of the contenders against this is Platonism which alleges that abstract objects like numbers, propositions, etc are equally real and their existence is eternal as well. Their existence is as ultimate as is God’s. If there were no God the number two (2) would still exist.

Craig’s most recent podcast is on some of the fruit of this study and it is fascinating to listen to. In the span of 23 minutes you’ll learn about the basics of divine aseity, Platonism, neo-Platonism, Nominalism (In its historical form which Craig says for many theologians is  a “dirty word” and its more contemporary usage which is altogether different.), Absolute Creationism, Conceptualism, Concretism, and–here’s a mouthful–neo-Meinongianism. Craig says there is a multiple-views book in the works on this (six views!) but did not indicate who the publisher is.

I really enjoyed it but that’s the amateur philosopher in me.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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