Is Science Removing the Need For God?

Most of my readers may not be familiar with the name Sean Carroll. He is a prominent and well-respected cosmologist who is a senior research associate in the Department of Physics at the California Institute of Technology. His name is in the news because he believes that science will eventually explain all that we need to know about the universe including its origins with no need to appeal to the existence of a God. See here for an extended argument by him.

Needless to say responses are surfacing. William Lane Craig has a three-part podcast on Carroll’s views which you can find here. It is interesting that before the final podcast was aired Carroll responded to Craig’s objections and in turn Craig responded to Carroll. The interaction is quite interesting. This makes me even more excited about the topic we chose for Craig to speak on when he comes here in January which is “Does the Multiverse Make God Unnecessary?”

Father Barron has also chimed in on the topic which you can see in the clip below.



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