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Andy Naselli notes a new book out which critiques William Webb’s Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic with some additional links to reviews by D.A. Carson, Thomas Schreiner and Wayne Grudem.

Larry Hurtado talks about the Cinderella Century in Early Christianity. (Hint: It’s not the first century.)

Roger Olson has some sharp criticism of the new book Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. He writes, “This is folk religion, not Christian belief. Churches need to pay attention to Christians’ tendency to base their beliefs on popular culture, stories of private experiences, rumors, urban legends (“evangelegends”), novels, etc. And they need to counter this tendency with strong biblical and theological teaching about what the Bible and Christian tradition really say about, for example, life after death.”

Father Barron responds to an article by Neil Steinberg. Fr. Barron begins, “It was with barely concealed delight that “Chicago Sun-Times” columnist Neil Steinberg conveyed the findings of the recent Pew Forum survey that the “nones,” those who claim no particular religious affiliation, are sharply on the rise in America. Moreover, he crowed, the survey revealed that a disproportionate number of young people placed themselves firmly in the “none” camp, thus indicating that religion’s decline would only accelerate in the years to come. Taking these findings as a starting point, Steinberg then delivered himself of an anti-religion screed that was, even for him, remarkable in its vitriol and lack of nuance.” Barron’s response is insightful as always.



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