2012 Bible Sale – Reflections

Yesterday was our Bible sale. We offered 50% off all Bibles. This is a sale that we have really come to enjoy. As I expected the top translations shopped were NIV and ESV. I saw one lady with four ESV study Bibles along with some other Bibles. A surprising number of people were interested in the New American Standard. I usually sell quite a few copies of The Message but this year there wasn’t that much interest in it. The NLTs seem to do fairly well too. If I have time on Monday I’ll run a report to get some better numbers. I’ve been surprised in the past since I obviously don’t see everything that people buy. Here are just a couple of photos from the day.

This guy was especially happy. He had come in the night before and scoped out the Bible he wanted. When the doors opened he didn’t waste a minute getting it from the shelf. He picked a beautiful NIV Thinline Reference Bible which retails for $69.99. He took it home for $35.00! His expression says it all.

Several people took some time to take a close look at the Bibles before making a final decision. Where better to do that than our fireside room.

There were a few times when you couldn’t fit another person down the aisle.

This gentleman told me he was pastor for years and likes to buy Bibles to give away. He filled his cart and took a moment to pose for a shot while he waited to check out. His is a fan of the NLT.

It seemed as soon as one group of people was done browsing another group would take their place.

I couldn’t resist taking this shot. The lady in the stylish hat is Kristina, our music buyer.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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6 Responses to 2012 Bible Sale – Reflections

  1. bitznbitez says:

    Encouraged ESV is #2 as I’m partial to it. What is the ratio of unit sales of ESV to NIV at your location for consumers ( ie. not school orders etc ) ?


    • Louis says:

      I don’t have exact numbers to provide but NIV is my best seller. I plan on doing a couple of reports on Bible sales in the next few days. I should have some more definite numbers to provide for you.


  2. David J Cadenhead says:

    I am disappointed that I missed the sale. But your establishment is a long way from Atlanta, and I didn’t (see a notice that the sale applied to Internet customers. In fact I didn’t get a notice at all. Can the left overs be considered for the Internet customers at a reduced price? (I am afraid I already know the Answer.) Thanks, Brother.


    • David J Cadenhead says:

      ESV to NIV is about 60-40 in favor of ESV, During services, projected text runs about 50:50 depending on the preferences of the Pastor giving the Message.


  3. Timothy says:


    I think I may have asked you last year, but how was your Catholic Bible sales? 🙂


    • Louis says:

      You did ask me last year–good memory. I did check those sales too. I’m disappointed since I didn’t sell any. I’m thinking of moving the Catholic Bibles back into the Bible department. I’ve gone back and forth with this but I think this proves they need to be with the other Bibles. Thanks for asking.


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