2012 Bible Sale – By the Numbers

I ran a report showing which Bibles sold on our Bible sale. We sold a total of 219 Bibles. Here’s the breakdown by translation:

NIV – 96

ESV – 39

NLT – 23

KJV – 20

NKJV – 8

NASB – 6

Message – 5

HCSB – 2

Geneva Bible (1599 edition) – 1

Kingdom New Testament (N.T. Wright) – 1

NIrV – 1

We also sold 8 parallel Bibles and 9 One Year Bibles. These figures do not include children’s Bibles. We sold 16 NIV Study Bibles (various styles), 14 ESV Study Bibles (various styles), and 14 Life Application Study Bibles (various styles in NIV & NLT). The ESV Study Bible (ISBN 9781433532764) was the edition selling the most with 5 copies. Next was the Life Application Study Bible (ISBN 978031044733) which sold 3 copies. Everything else was 1’s and 2’s. None of my Catholic Bibles sold which leads me to think I need to move them from the Catholic section back to the Bible department. Still giving that some thought.

Overall this was a great sale. We had just slightly lower sales than last year which is not bad given we just moved into our new space.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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6 Responses to 2012 Bible Sale – By the Numbers

  1. bitznbitez says:

    Interesting numbers. I note no RSV sales, do you stock any of those or did no one choose them ?


    • Louis says:

      Yes, I do stock RSV but the selection is very limited. I don’t get many requests for it.


      • Clay Knick says:

        That’s a shame (no interest in RSV), but I’m not surprised. It is a treasure the church need not have lost. It is still used at Asbury Seminary for their Inductive Bible Study classes & there are scholars that still use & recommend it.


  2. Clay Knick says:

    NIV’11, right? NIV still sells well, obviously. Such a great translation. I use it each day right beside the RSV & NRSV.


  3. Timothy says:


    Which Catholic Bibles do you stock generally? I know you have the NAB(RE), but what about the RSV-2CE from Ignatius Press and their Ignatius Catholic Study Bible?


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