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Here are some recent posts I found of interest and one a little disturbing:

Terrance Tiessen offers some helpful definitions of four- and five-point Calvinists.

Zondervan announces New Studies in Dogmatics. A projected 15-volume series in constructive theology. It has an impressive list of contributors.

Paul Adams offers a nice quote and some helpful thoughts on creationism versus traducianism.

Roger Olson offers a list of “approved denominations.” A comment was made that he did not include any Catholic or Orthodox churches. Catholic Frank Beckwith responds why Olson was correct in doing this.

See what got Wayne Grudem smiling with the release of the new Nestle Aland 28th edition of the Greek New Testament.

Does the Pope really hate Christmas?

Germany is considering a ban on bestiality.  “Bestiality is banned in many European countries, including the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. The law was changed in the UK in 2003, which reduced the maximum sentence from life imprisonment to two years. The act however, is permissible in Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, though Stockholm is considering a change in the legislation.”

Finally, take a 25-minute tour of the International Space Station. I found this fascinating.




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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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  1. Louis, since you passed on Paul A’s post, I thought I’d copy to you a comment I just made on it.

    Paul, I lean toward traducianism myself, but I think it is problematic to tie the origin of the soul to the transmission of original sin. It raises difficulties in terms of our righteousness in the second Adam, to whom we have no genetic connection. (I think it was Carl Henry who critiqued A. H. Strong on this, warning of a sort of pantheism resulting.) A covenantal/ federal/representational view of our solidarity with Adam in his sin and guilt, and Christ in his obedience and righteousness, is much better, I think. Sin is not transmitted like DNA, which a connection of it to traducianism implies.


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