Events We’re Planning for 2013

Part of our newly-rennovated store is a permanent event space. In the old store we used part of the music department for smaller events and would move the entire department for larger events. Needless to say this was hard on the fixtures and the staff. Now that we have this space we want to keep it busy. As many of you already know we’re kicking off our grand opening week (Jan 21-26) with William Lane Craig and Alvin Plantinga. Craig will be speaking on Monday, Jan 21 (7:00 pm) on the topic of “Does the Multiverse Make God Unnecessary?” Plantinga will be speaking on the following Tuesday night (7:00 pm) on the topic of “Can You Rationally Believe in God Without and Argument?” On Tuesday afternoon we have a limited seating event which will offer a Q&A session with Craig (this will be from 2:00 – 3:30 pm). The evening events are free but the afternoon session is $15.00. We will draw the name of two people from this afternoon event and they will win a free dinner with the Craigs.

Also this week we will host Ed Dobson (Wednesday night, 7:00 pm). Ed has been here on several occassions and he is always a delight to have.

Here are some of the other events that my department is working on for 2013. Most are still in the planning stages and as we settle on dates we will announce them. But I thought I would give you an early peek on what’s coming.

Michael Wittmer will be doing a 5-6 session on Church History. Mike is one of our best speakers and is very familiar to our store and customers. He is Professor of Systematic Theology, Director of the Center for Christian Worldview at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. This will be a great event for pastors who need to brush up on their church history. Lay people will certainly enjoy this walk through our heritage.

My coworker Dean has been working feverishly on an ecumenical series. This series will feature speakers from our local area from various faith traditions. Those traditions include: Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Methodist, Reformed, and Evangelical. This 7-week series will highlight one tradition a night for six weeks and then on the final week offer all or most of the contributors on a panel discussion. Those who are curious about what other faith traditions believe will enjoy this series. Watch for this in April or May.

It’s still in the infancy stages but I have secured a commitment from Father Robert Barron to come next Fall. This will be a big event since Father Barron is very well known and highly regarded among Catholics and Protestants. I have featured numerous videos of his commentaries from YouTube on this blog. He is one of my favorite social commentators.

These are just a few of some of the events we’re planning. Other departments are working as well to bring in authors and musical artists. We are all working hard to make Baker Book House the premier Christian book store in West Michigan. Be sure to visit the “upcoming events” tab on this blog to stay current on our events.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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