These were my top 10 blog posts for 2012. The first thing I noticed is that seven out of ten of them weren’t from 2012 (and those that were are on the bottom of the list!). So while I’m encouraged by that it also makes me wonder about my posts for 2012. Will those be the popular posts of 2013 or 2014? Regardless, I’m glad people are finding something of interest. I’ll start with number ten and work our way up with just a couple of comments on some of them.

# 10 – “The Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary” – First Impressions (posted Feb. 6, 2012)

# 9 – An Interview on Kierkegaard – Part 1 (posted May 30, 2012) This was an interview I did with my coworker Dean on the subject of Kierkegaard. Dean is a lover of Kierkegaard and I wanted to take advantage of his knowledge. This was a three-part series and I loved doing it.

# 8 – Top Ten Selling Bibles for January – March 2012 (posted April 12, 2012) I’ve been told that people like the best seller posts that I do. I like them too. I might think I know what’s selling in my department but the reports often deliver some surprises.

# 7 – Was “Gehenna” a Smoldering Garbage Dump? (posted April 6, 2011) I did this post during the Love Wins Controversy. It was a real eye opener for me and I’ve had some very positive comments on it. I’m glad to see it on the list. Speaking of Love Wins look at what’s number six.

# 6 – “Love Wins” by Rob Bell – A Review (posted March 11, 2011) It surprises me that this still gets so much attention. I’m wondering if Rob’s next book will garner so much attention.

# 5 – Top 100 Selling Christian Books for 2010 (posted January 12, 2011) The appearance of this on the list is perplexing. Why are so many people interested in what was popular in 2010. Again, a best seller post and those do well for me.

# 4 – William Lane Craig on the Multiverse (posted September 30, 2011) I was really glad to see this on the list since when Craig comes to Baker in January of 2013 he will speaking on the subject of the multiverse. The interest is high on this subject and Christians want to know what impact this theory has for theism in general and Christianity in particular.

# 3 – The Mizpah Benediction – Keeping it in Context (posted February 23, 2010) The oldest post on the list but it’s become a favorite of many.

# 2 – Should Methodists Use Beth Moore Study Materials? (posted September 16, 2011) Of all the posts on this list this one surprised me the most. I would definitely call this one a sleeper. It jumped from almost nothing to number two only in the past few months. When the post first appeared it had just over 100 hits. In Oct/Nov of this year it had over 1,000.

# 1 – The 2011 NIV Study Bible – First Impressions (posted October 14, 2011) I think it’s interesting that my number one and number ten posts are both “first impressions.” I like doing these. They aren’t as difficult to do for me as a formal book review but I don’t have to wait till I finish the book in order to give you some thoughts on it.

Well, that’s it for 2012. It seemed my 2011 posts were the most popular. I look forward to the year ahead. We have some great events planned to coincide with our newly renovated store. If you can make it to any of them or just want to give us a visit please ask for me, I’d love to meet you.