My 2012 Annual Bible Sales by Translation

Here are my Bible sales by translation for 2012. Numbers include complete Bibles, New Testaments and Bible portions (e.g., Proverbs, Gospel of John, Apocrypha). The NIV figure includes sales of The Story (which were 1,838). This list does not include children’s Bibles or Spanish Bibles. It does include Catholic Bibles. I’ve also included parallel and one-year Bibles which are listed separately at the bottom.

NIV – 4,152

ESV – 893

KJV – 576

NLT – 555

The Message – 321

NKJV – 243

NASB – 171

God’s Word – 156

The Voice – 67

NRSV – 59

NABRE – 27

Amplified – 24

CEB – 18

Expanded Bible – 12

REB – 11

Kingdom New Testament (N.T. Wright) – 9

Geneva Bible (1599 edition) – 5

Living Bible – 5

English Version for the Deaf – 4

NET – 4

Complete Jewish Bible – 3

Da Jesus Book – 3

Jewish Publication TANAKH – 3

Good News (or Today’s English Version) – 2

Young’s Literal – 2

French Bible – 1

New Testament in Modern English (J.B. Phillips) – 1

NIrV – 1

RSV2ndCE – 1

Parallel Bibles – 147

One Year Bibles – 127


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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4 Responses to My 2012 Annual Bible Sales by Translation

  1. Timothy says:


    Not too bad of a showing for the NABRE. I am not surprised that only one RSV-2CE was sold, since I think Ignatius has done a lackluster job in promoting their translation.

    Does the number for the NRSV’s include all the different formats?


  2. I’m surprised and pleased that God’s Word is higher than the NRSV but also not pleased that the NRSV isn’t higher, if that makes any sense. GW is my translation but I respect the NRSV. Seems it has really fallen out of favor, but with zero marketing and no plans of updating it don’t help.


  3. Well, the NIV still reigns supreme, even at the premier Christian bookstore in conservative Reformed Grand Rapids!

    Also, I think that the RSV-2CE might have been me. And I find it deeply troubling that you sold more copies of The Voice than of the NABRE, CEB, and REB combined!


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