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Here’s a few items of interest. I nabbed the first two from Koinonia (thanks Mason!).

Sam Storms explains why he now holds to amillennialism. He tells us that he has a book coming out on it later this year entitled Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative (Christian Focus Publications).

Here’s some encouraging news for those of us in the book business. Consider this from the article: “What’s more, the Association of American Publishers reported that the annual growth rate for e-book sales fell abruptly during 2012, to about 34%. That’s still a healthy clip, but it is a sharp decline from the triple-digit growth rates of the preceding four years. The initial e-book explosion is starting to look like an aberration. The technology’s early adopters, a small but enthusiastic bunch, made the move to e-books quickly and in a concentrated period. Further converts will be harder to come by. A 2012 survey by Bowker Market Research revealed that just 16% of Americans have actually purchased an e-book and that a whopping 59% say they have “no interest” in buying one.”

Dan Burke asks “Can I trust Thomas Merton?”

Paul Adams provides a beautiful quote from Abraham Kuyper “The Twelfth Stroke of the Clock.”

Andy Naselli offers material from D.A. Carson and Timothy Keller on the contrast between the modern notion of slavery and the Biblical one. Naselli introduces it: “Many modern readers assume that slavery in the New Testament is equivalent to the race-based slavery of the African slave trade. While not defending the Greco-Roman institution of slavery, Tim Keller and Don Carson explain why it’s important not to equate it with the race-based slavery that we may be more familiar with.”


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  1. I think by “Justin Taylor” you mean Andy Naselli..? At least that’s who you link to.

    Thanks for these links!


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