Peter Kreeft’s Conversion to Catholicism

I’ve read Peter Kreeft for years and have come to appreciate his works. What many don’t know is that Dr. Kreeft is Catholic. Since my last post was a critique of one of the claims of the Catholic Church I thought I would do this post on Peter Kreeft’s conversion story from Protestantism to Catholicism. What drew Kreeft to the Catholic church was, in part, his study of church history.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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One Response to Peter Kreeft’s Conversion to Catholicism

  1. Timothy says:

    Dr Kreeft is one speaker I have always wanted to hear in person. He is actually speaking this coming Friday and Saturday in Detroit, but I will be in Washington for the March for Life. ( I always seem to miss him when he comes to town.). He is an amazing philosopher/theologian and writer. I think my two favorite books by him would be the ‘Handbook of Christian Apologetics’ and ‘Jesus Shock.’


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