William Lane Craig Responds to CNN Article “Why I Raise My Children Without God”

In his Question of the Week William Lane Craig responds to an article picked up by CNN by a woman who boasts on why she raises her kids without God. Her reasons are:

1) God is a bad parent and role model.

2) God is not logical.

3) God is not fair.

4) God does not protect the innocent.

5) God is not present.

6) God does not teach children to be good.

7) God teaches narcissism.

Craig responds to each of these charges and provides solid Christian reasons why this mother is wrong.  He ends his response with this observation:

“Finally, although this mother claims that she doesn’t want religious belief to  disappear from people’s private lives, the thrust of her whole column is quite  the opposite.  She already has the freedom to teach her children whatever she  wants.  So what more is she angling for?  She wants to convince readers of her  column not to teach their children to believe in God.  In other words,  she is trying to eliminate religious belief in the private, not merely public,  sphere.  She is thus a part of the aggressive New Atheism.”

Craig’s entire response is well worth reading.


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