Do Animals Suffer the Same as Humans? William Lane Craig Answers

A recent YouTube video has taken on the issue of animal pain and in particular a view espoused by William Lane Craig and Michael Murray (Nature Red in Tooth & Claw: Theism and the Problem of Animal Suffering, Oxford University Press). The issues are complex (certainly more complex than the YouTube video indicates) and Craig has responded to the video here.  The video starts off by misconstruing what Craig and Murray believe by titling the video “Can animals suffer? Debunking William Lane Craig and other philosophers who say no.” Craig and Murray never say, nor do they believe, that animals can’t suffer. What they say is that they don’t have first person awareness of their pain. The distinction is an important one. Michael Murray did a Question of the Week for Craig’s website on this issue which you can find here (Animal Suffering). Craig also has two questions on this which you can find here (Animal Suffering) and here (Animal Pain and the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Murray will be doing another Question of the Week in response to the video.

Animal loves will be sure to take an interest in this discussion.

Animal suffering




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