Tim Gombis says Ephesians, not Romans, Represents Paul’s Theology. He writes, “Inasmuch as we can speak of a “center” of Paul’s theology and insofar as any extant NT letter represents that, I think Ephesians is a better candidate.  Among other reasons, here are just a few . . .” Very interesting read.

Cheeswearing Theology warns against understanding the church from a consumerist mentality. Along the same lines Fr. Dwight Longenecker asks “Why Bother With Church?” answering it from a Catholic perspective.

Ben Witherington III addresses the issue of sola scriptura. He also has a five-part review of the Pope’s book The Infancy Narratives.  Part one is here.  Part two is here.  Part three here. Part four here and part five here. Things got off to a rocky start when one of the comments stated:

I’m just new to this  site and am intrigued that you would be considering the Pope’s book as having something to say to us Protestants.  The Catholic Church does not follow scripture at all,  does not follow scripture as God’s word or truth.  In these last days it seems frightening to me that as Protestants (originally protesting against the catholic church that’s how we go the name Protestant) we are not encouraging people to be ready for the soon coming of Jesus rather than worrying about  whether it is a well written book, it probably is very well written but  Ratzinger has clearly decided that he does not believe in God’s word or he would follow it and encourage his flock to, he has nothing to share or offer  us.  Surely this is the time when we should be following the Word and getting back to the Sola Scriptura.  May God help us to see the light before it is too late!  It was Jesus who said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” not Ratzinger, he is only a man.

Witherington responded:

Hi Carol:  Unfortunately, you don’t what you’re talking about. Not only are there many Bible-believing Catholics out there, there are also many Bible-believing Catholic scholars (I know, I deal with them regularly and some are friends), and in fact the Pope is one of them!   It is of course true that in addition to the Bible the Pope and most Catholics believe in a lot of Christian traditions as well, which Protestants do not accept.  But that is a story for another day.  I quite agree that the Pope is only a man.  He would agree as well.

Father Barron offers some great insights on “The Danger of Turning Religion Into a Toy.”