Mike Wittmer has glowing praise for The Mystery of God by Steven D. Boyer and Christopher A. Hall.  He concludes his post with this: “Let me just say that if you are responsible for teaching God and his ways of God to others then you really need to read this. You will be much better for it. I know I am.”

Mystery of God

William Lane Craig reports in his February Newsletter what a great time he had while in Grand Rapids and at our grand opening. He writes,

After one day at home, Jan and I were off to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I had been invited to partner with the great Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga in speaking at the grand opening of Baker Book House’s newly renovated bookstore.  I spoke the first night on “Does the Multiverse Eliminate God?” and Plantinga spoke the next night on his “Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism.”  We had good crowds and great interaction both evenings.  During this trip Jan and I enjoyed the privilege of having dinner with Al and his wife Kathleen, as well as meals with Tim McGrew, a Christian philosopher from the University of Western Michigan, and his wife Lydia; my old college friend Emerson Eggerichs (whom I hadn’t seen since the early 1970s) and his wife Sarah, who have founded Love and Respect Ministry; and with Prof. Stephen Wykstra’s philosophy class from Calvin College, who are using Reasonable Faith as a textbook. So it was a rich and meaningful time!

May I say how much I enjoyed having him in the store. He and his wife were a joy to host. We had very positive feedback from those who attended. The most asked question I got after Craig and Plantinga spoke was “Are you going to have more events like this?” The answer is most assuredly “Yes”!

Lent starts next Wednesday (Feb 13). Here are some rookie mistakes to avoid.

Terrance Tiessen offers some thoughts on George Weigel’s Evangelical Catholicism. He says, “Considering the historical roots of the contemporary evangelical movement within Protestantism, I am reluctant to speak of segments of the Roman Catholic Church as ‘evangelical.’ But I welcome the renewal that has been occurring within the Roman Catholic Church, in various ways in the last half century, more than I worry about what it should be called.”

Timothy from Catholic Bibles responds to an article in First Things that suggests some Protestants don’t convert to Catholicism because the New American Bible is so poorly translated. Timothy comments, “Having done ecumenical Bible studies for over ten years I have never heard any Protestant even mention that this was an issue.” I have to agree with him.

Finally, is this a good or bad model of something to be done from the pulpit? It’s only a minute long.