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Kenneth Stewart has some concerns about the resurgence of interest by Protestants in things such as Lent. See his article Much Ado about Something? Nagging Questions about Observing Lent. He writes, “The primary objection to our current rush to
re-instate Lent is this: too many evangelical Christians are considering this (and some related questions) with what might be called a ‘liturgical inferiority complex.'” (HT Justin Taylor)

Terry Mattingly asks “Does anyone know where this whole ‘give up one thing for Lent’ idea came from?”

Andy Naselli notes that D.A. Carson says “The most painful things I’ve ever borne are betrayals by Christian friends.”

Long-time professor (60 years!) Howard Hendricks of Dallas Theological Seminary dies.

Here are two short videos for your enjoyment:

Why all those genealogies?


And, what will Pope Benedict XVI be called after Feb. 28th?


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