“Charts on the Book of Hebrews” – A Short Review

I’m a big fan of charts. When they are well done they can assemble an enormous amount of information in an accessible format. I confess I wasn’t sure you could get very many charts on just one book of the Bible. Charts on the Book of Hebrews not only does an excellent job in displaying loads of information, I think it raises the bar for this genre of books.

The author, Herbert Bateman, skillfully sorts his charts into four major categories: Introductory Considerations in Hebrews, Old Testament and Second Temple Influences in Hebrews, Theology in Hebrews, and Exegetical Matters in Hebrews. If there is a stone left unturned (and I imagine there is) I couldn’t find it. The level of detail is easily seen in that Bateman offers seven charts on the issue of the authorship of Hebrews. Students of Hebrews know what a difficult issue this is. Bateman surveys the major proposals for authorship both “through the centuries” and as “ascribed by commentators” of Hebrews. This is followed by four charts which detail the pros and cons for four specific proposed authors: Barnabas, Paul, Luke, and Apollos. One thing I discovered that I did know was that the author of Hebrews has a different arrangement of the Tabernacle furniture than is found in Exodus (Chart 38). The resolution of this difficulty is One nice feature of this chart book is the short commentary in the back. Here Bateman describes why some charts are included (especially helpful on the charts pertaining to the SecondTemple period), further explanation (e.g., the issue of the tabernacle furniture) and sources he used or found particularly helpful.  Some charts can easily be used as the basis for a sermon series or a small group study such as “The Future Inheritance of Believers” (Chart 74) or “Portraits of God in Hebrews” (Chart 56). There is a wealth of information here that both pastors and students will find valuable.

In compliance with FTC guidelines I did receive this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.

Charts on the Book of Hebrews is from Kregel Publications. It is a paperback and sells for $26.99.

Charts on the Book of Hebrews


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  1. I was hoping you would add a chart in this post 😉


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