Mike Wittmer on Evangelical Funerals. Wittmer comments on the balance of celebration and grief at funerals.

Russell D. Moore on Why Christians Should Read Fiction. He begins his post:

I’ve found that most people who tell me that fiction is a waste of  time are folks who seem to hold to a kind of sola cerebra vision of the  Christian life that just doesn’t square with the Bible. The Bible  doesn’t simply address man as a cognitive process but as a complex  image-bearer who recognizes truth not only through categorizing  syllogisms but through imagination, beauty, wonder, awe. Fiction helps  to shape and hone what Russell Kirk called the moral imagination.

How wealthy is the Vatican? John Allen answers.

To put it bluntly, the Vatican is not rich. It has an annual operating budget of $260 million, which would not place it on any top 500 list of social institutions. To draw a comparison to the nonprofit sector, Harvard University has an annual operating budget of a little over $1.3 billion, which means it could run the equivalent of five Vaticans.

Ronald Knox on Bible translation: “If you translate, say the Summa of St. Thomas, you expect to be cross-examined by people who understand philosophy and by people who know Latin; no one else. If you translate the Bible, you are liable to be cross-examined by anybody, because everybody thinks he already knows what the Bible means.” (HT: Catholic Bibles)

Is Sanctification synergistic or monergistic? Terrance Tiessen explores the issue.

” . . . very notable Calvinist theologians have spoken in terms that are synergistic, and I confess that I was misled by their language. For about 20 years, I taught that justification is monergistic but sanctification is synergistic.”

Depression and Suicide from a Christian Perspective from the Scripture Zealot. Jeff writes not as simply an observer but as one who often has depression as a companion. God has used his experiences to encourage many.

Finally, I don’t watch football but this video brought tears to my eyes. If you need a little background see here.