Here’s the Contents of the Mystery Box

Well, you’ve waited long enough. Here’s what’s in the mystery box. I’ll announce the winner later today.

Jesus and Scripture by Steve Moyise

Classical Christian Doctrine by Ronald E. Heine

Invitation to the Psalms by Rolf A. Jacobson and Karl N. Jacobson

James and Jude in the Paidea Commentaries on the New Testament by John Painter and David A. deSilva

The Christ of the Miracle Stories by Wendy J. Cotter

The Character of Christian Scripture by Christopher Seitz

Old Testament Commentary Survey (5th edition) by Tremper Longman III

God’s Good World by Jonathan R. Wilson

Christian Apologetics (2nd edition) by Norman Geisler

1&2 Samuel in the Teach the Text Commentary Series by Robert B. Chisholm Jr.

Total retail value = $270.20.


About Louis

I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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2 Responses to Here’s the Contents of the Mystery Box

  1. Randy McCracken says:

    too late to be included?


  2. Daniel Lute says:

    It looks interesting, Louis. Thanks.


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