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Daniel Wallace addresses the authenticity of the Gospel of Thomas

My coworker Dean has started a blog called Re(-)petitions. Dean is a lover of philosophy in general and Kierkegaard in particular. To sample the fomer see his post on “Philosophy, huh? So…like…what do you do with philosophy?” and for the later you can begin with his series on Kierkegaard. Part one, here, is a short bio. I read a little of Kierkegaard while in seminary. I never could quite understand him. Dean has done a lot to help me understand him a little better.

Brian LePort is doing a series of posts on ecumenical dialogue. A friend of his, JohnDave Medina, is doing a series of posts on why he is Catholic. You can find the introduction here. Brian’s first post is “Why I am Evangelical.” JohnDave’s first post is “Why I am Catholic.” Brian’s other post is “Why I am not Catholic.”  Another post you may find interesting on his blog is by Joshua Paul Smith, “Why I am a Mennonite.”

Peter Enns ask “Is Evangelicalism a 6th Grade Version of Mature Christianity?”  His post is a reflection on blog post by Peter Traben Haas called “Seven Steps to Leaving “Evangelical Christianity” without Loosing Your Faith.”


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  1. Thanks for the mention.


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