My Vacation Reading

I start my vacation today. I’ll be back to work on Tuesday the 23rd. My vacation reading this year is a little more modest. Here’s what I’m bringing along.

I always bring a fiction title on vacation. As you know my favorite fiction writer is Steven James so I’m really excited to have his new release The King.


Here are some of my nonfiction titles:

Salvation is More Complicated Than You Think (IVP) by Alan P. Stanley. I saw this book referenced a number of times in the newest counterpoints book from Zondervan, The Role of Works at the Final Judgment, and thought it would be a good follow-up to that book.


Reading Genesis 1-2 (Hendrickson) edited by J. Daryl Charles. The first couple of chapters of Genesis are hot topics right now and this looks like a nice contribution to the discussion.

Reading Genesis

Kingdom Come (Christian Focus) by Sam Storms. This is a defense of Amillennialism. Storms received his seminary training at Dallas Theological Seminary–the very heart of premillennial and pretribulation training. How serious did Dallas take this? Storms recounts an episode from one of his classes when the professor exhorted the class to “dig deeply into Scripture and particularly the eschatological passages and to read widely in the literature.” He continues:

“The student sitting next to me . . . raised his hand and asked: ‘If we do what you say and end up embracing something other than dispensational, pretribulational premillennialism, can you promise us that we will still graduate on time?’ The professor paused for a moment and then said, ‘No, I can’t make that promise.’ Sure enough, during my senior year a classmate of mine expressed his belief in covenant theology and was told that his diploma would be withheld until such time as the faculty was confident that he properly understood the doctrine of eschatology. As I recall, he dropped out of Dallas and eventually obtained his degree at Reformed Theological Seminary.” (11)

I don’t think this would still happen today but it shows how serious the seminary was about the issue of eschatology.

Kingdom Come




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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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