Michael Brown Interviews Phil Johnson, Sam Storms and Adrian Warnock Regarding John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference

In the wake of John MacArthur’s recent conference, “Strange Fire”, examining the Charismatic movement popular Charismatic leader Michael Brown hosted an interview with Phil Johnson regarding some the issues raised by the conference. Phil Johnson is longtime editor and colleague of John MacArthur. I listened with great interest. At one point (16:36) Brown plays a clip from the conference where MacArthur makes the following statement:

“It is to me a striking anomaly however that there is essentially zero social benefit to the world from the Charismatic movement. Where is the Charismatic hospital? Where are the Charismatic social services? Where are people coming together to relieve poverty?”

Brown responds to Johnson saying that he would personally take him to the hospitals and orphanages and other relief agencies. Brown asks Johnson to simply affirm that this is a misinformed statement and that MacArthur should apologize to Charismatics around the globe. Johnson replies that he agrees with MacArthur. I have to say on this issue I think Brown has a valid point. I’m about half way through MacArthur’s forthcoming book by the same title as the conference. Because it is only an advance reading copy I will wait till the book is offically released before making any comments.


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2 Responses to Michael Brown Interviews Phil Johnson, Sam Storms and Adrian Warnock Regarding John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference

  1. edwardfudge says:

    God willing, I will be interviewed by Michael Brown of “Line of Fire” to discuss the subject of hell and final punishment, on Tuesday afternoon, October 29, from 2-3 p.m. EST.


  2. Jack says:

    Cindy Jacobs is spoken of in Proverbs. A woman without discretion is like a gold ring in the snout of a boar. How Michael Brown can say he thinks she is Godly is unbelievable!!! She rejects the word of God that commands women to be silent in church and to not let them teach men.

    Rick Joyner is an apostle of Satan and a modern gnostic writing books to glorify himself about his so called trips to heavenly mountains. Im speechless how Michael can not admit the man is not of God. He said there is fruit coming out of Bethel church!! I live in South Africa and in my city all the major Charismatic churches see Bethel as their template on how ministry must be. We preach the gospel on the streets, they go and try to tell peoples fortune calling it a treasure hunt. All the churches that have accepted this false anointing are in gross idolatry,preaching is weak,mysticism has taken over. They encourage their people to seek after drunkeness,visions and laughter.

    They become offended at preaching, rebuke and correction. The idolatry is so bad they reject the true character of God and claim preaching just chases people away and we need to call down the Holy Spirit on them or ask them would they like to feel the Spirits love and in this experience they will ” receive Jesus “. They are using irreverent language like getting ” wrecked on the presence of God” or being ” drunk on Jesus “.

    This has resulted in preaching being replaced more and more by sharing stories and telling fables at church. The movie Finger of God as well as the Shack was devoured by these churches. This wicked doctrine was sweet to them. I dont think Michael Brown appreciates what is going on but seems to be living in a fools paradise thinking the Spirit of God is causing this worldwide apostacy. Men like Guilermo Maldonado are favourites amongst Charismatics all over the world. If you add up all the Charismatics who support Maldonado, Benny Hinn, Copeland, Bill Johnson, Miles Munroe, Kim Clement, TBN, Joyce Meyer, Tod Bentley, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, the Vineyard churches, Heidi Baker, Rodney Browne, David Yongi Cho, TD Jakes, TB Joshua and others you will see the large scale error within the movement. It definately isnt on the fringes!!

    There are uneducated people who have not yet been reached directly by these people. Some have no access to books and television or internet thus there will be people who dont know these men. But the centre of false doctrine is not on the outskirts and the tentacles have reached every nation and the torrent is growing stronger. Satan seeks to swallow up churches with new age mysticism that comes as an angel of light under the guise of the Holy Spirit!!

    Michael you were on Sid Roths show before. Watch his show and it will sober you up. If anyone can watch that new age paganism and fables without realising the Charismatic movement is a stronghold where Satan has made himself at home they lack true discernment.


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