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This week’s book give away is Evangelical Faith the the Challenge of Historical Criticism. Here’s the catalog description and table of contents:

Many introductions to biblical studies describe critical approaches, but they do not discuss the theological implications. This timely resource discusses the relationship between historical criticism and Christian theology to encourage evangelical engagement with historical-critical scholarship. Charting a middle course between wholesale rejection and unreflective embrace, the book introduces evangelicals to a way of understanding and using historical-critical scholarship that doesn’t compromise Christian orthodoxy. The book covers eight of the most hotly contested areas of debate in biblical studies, helping readers work out how to square historical criticism with their beliefs.

1. Towards a Faithful Criticism Christopher M. Hays
2. Adam and the Fall Christopher M. Hays and Stephen Lane Herring
3. The Exodus: Fact, Fiction or Both? Christopher B. Ansberry
4. No Covenant before the Exile? The Deuteronomic Torah and Israel’s Covenant Theology Christopher B. Ansberry and Jerry Hwang
5. Problems with Prophecy Amber Warhurst, Seth B. Tarrer and Christopher M. Hays
6. Pseudepigraphy and the Canon Christopher B. Ansberry, Casey A. Strine, Edward W. Klink III and David Lincicum
7. The Historical Jesus Michael J. Daling and Christopher M. Hays
8. The Paul of Acts and the Paul of the Epistles Aaron J. Kuecker and Kelly D. Liebengood
9. Faithful Criticism and a Critical Faith Christopher B. Ansberry and Christopher M. Hays

Leave your name in the comments section by NLT Friday, November 25th 6:00 EST. I’ll draw the winner’s name that Friday. International entries are welcome.

Evangelical Faith


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