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I haven’t done one of these in a while. Primarily because I don’t read near as many blogs as I used to. I simply don’t have the time anymore. But I did find some of these posts interesting.

Peter Liethart calls for the End of Protestantism. He writes, “Protestantism ought to give way to Reformational catholicism. Like a Protestant, a Reformational catholic rejects papal claims, refuses to venerate the Host, and doesn’t pray to Mary or the saints; he insists that salvation is a sheer gift of God received by faith and confesses that all tradition must be judged by Scripture, the Spirit’s voice in the conversation that is the Church.”

Roger Olson weighed in on John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire” conference. He notes with stinging irony: “MacArthur talks about the danger of offending the Holy Spirit with ‘counterfeit worship.’ I agree that there is that danger. However, I wonder if MacArthur and others (like R. C. Sproul) who spoke at his conference have considered the danger of offending the Holy Spirit by opposing a worldwide renewal movement that, for all its flaws, has brought millions of people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? And by attributing the Holy Spirit’s gifts to unholy passions and imagination (if not to Satan)?”

Along these same lines Terrance Tiessen asks “What is a Charismatic?”  He says, “. . . I’m wondering if my own definition of ‘charismatic’ is accurate these days. I see a spectrum of four positions: Pentecostal – charismatic – continuationist – cessationist. Pentecostals identify baptism by Christ with the Spirit as a  distinct (and usually subsequent) experience of the baptism by the Spirit into Christ. Tongues is the sign that one has received that “second blessing” of baptism with the Spirit, it is a repetition of the original Pentecost event in that person’s life.”

Tim Challies did a two-part interview with John MacArthur where he responds to his critics regarding the Strange Fire conference and book. See part one here and part two here.

Canadian journalist and TV host Michael Coheen has an interesting post of the future of Catholicism. I had to laugh at this paragraph:

“The Future of Catholicism was commissioned specifically to respond to the hysteria that greeted the election of Pope Francis. The moment the conclave ended, numerous journalists approached me for interviews – desperately so, since there are so few Catholics in media in Canada. The questions repeated themselves with a dulling predictability: will the new pope change Church teaching on same-sex marriage; will he ordain women; will he allow abortion and birth control? After the fourth or fifth such interview I responded with, ‘Yes, and he’s going to become a Muslim too!’ A bit of advice: Don’t use satire or sarcasm on a journalist.”

Kevin DeYoung asks “Is John Piper Reformed?”


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