Book Give Away

This week I’m giving away a copy of The Suffering and Victorious Christ by Richard Mouw and Douglas Sweeney. Here’s the catalog description and table of contents:

American theologians tend to focus on the great hope Christians have through Christ’s resurrection, emphasizing Christ’s victory while minimizing or ignoring his suffering. Through their engagements with Japanese Christians and African American Christians on the topic of Christology, Richard Mouw and Douglas Sweeney have come to recognize and underscore that Christ offers hope not only through his resurrection but also through his incarnation. The authors articulate a more compassionate and orthodox Christology that answers the experience of the global church, offering a corrective to what passes for American Christology today. The book includes an afterword by Willie James Jennings of Duke Divinity School.

1. John Williamson Nevin and the Incarnation of God
2. Franz Pieper and the Suffering of God
3. A Brief Interlude on Incarnational Presence
4. Reformed Theology and the Suffering of Christ
5. Christus Dolor among the Slaves and Their Descendants
6. The Challenge of Application: Christus Dolor in the American South
Christus Victor and Christus Dolor: An Afterword” by Willie James Jennings
Resources for Christological Reflection from Our Japanese and African American Interlocutors

Leave your name in the comments section by NLT Friday, November 22nd 6:00 am EST. I’ll announce the winner that day.

Suffering and Victorious Christ



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