So You Want to Write/Publish a Book

Every now and then we’ll get someone in who wants to know how to get their book published. My expertise comes after a book is written and published. My job is to sell the book. So, I can sell you a good book to help you in your effort. The place to go for help is The Christian Writer’s Market Guide. This has it all. It’s loaded with information. There are numerous short essays (many just a page or two) to offer tips for writers. Looking for a publisher? They’re all here. I looked up Baker Academic and it lists the address, phone number, fax and email. Here’s what follows:

“Jim Kinney, ed. dir. Publishes 50 titles/yr.; hardcover, trade paperbacks. 10% of books from first-time authors. Accepts mss through agents, submission services, or editor’s personal contacts at writer’s conferences. Royalty; advance. Publication within 1 yr. Guidelines on website (‘Contact’/’Submitting a Proposal’); catalog on website. Nonfiction: No unsolicited queries. This publisher serviced by”

So after you’ve read this you might have noticed that one of the ways this publisher finds authors is through writer’s conferences. If you’re in Michigan you might wonder if there are any upcoming conferences. Look no further. The information is at your fingertips. Chapter 8 lists all the upcoming conferences by state for 2014. For Michigan there are five listed for this year. Three of them are in Grand Rapids: American Christian Writer’s Mentoring Retreat (June 6-7, 2014); Breathe Christian Writers Conference (October 2014, exact dates TBD); Festival of Faith and Writing (April 2014, exact dates TBD). Each has the location and contact information for easy follow up.

Need to find editorial services? They’ve got it. Want to know if a periodical publishes your kind of material? Chapter 5 gives a topical listing of periodicals by subject. Need to find a literary agent? Look in chapter 11. Do you want to submit something into a contest? Chapter 12 is for you. Which publisher publishes your kind of material? Chapter 1 gives a topical listing of book publishers. I told you it had it all.

This book should easily become a new writer’s best friend. Get inspired, get educated, get connected and hopefully when all is said and done, you will get published!

Christian Writer's Guide


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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