America’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities – Grand Rapids is #30

The American Bible Society lists the 100 most “Bible-minded” cities for 2013. According to the survey Chattanooga, Tenn., ranks number one, claiming the spot from the 2012 leader, Knoxville, Tennesee.

Along with ranking the most and least Bible-minded cities, the study also found that an inverse relationship exists between population size and Bible friendliness. Of the top 25 Bible-minded markets, only three have a population of greater than 1 million households: Charlotte, N.C.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Dallas.

The top 10 cites were:

  • Chattanooga, Tenn.
  • Birmingham, Ala.
  • Roanoke/Lynchburg, Va.
  • Springfield, Mo.
  • Shreveport, La.
  • Charlotte, N.C.
  • Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C./Asheville, N.C.
  • Little Rock, Ark.
  • Jackson, Miss.
  • Knoxville, Tenn.

The bottom ten were:

  • Providence, R.I./New Bedford, Mass.
  • Albany, N.Y.
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Hartford/New Haven, Conn.
  • Phoenix
  • Burlington, Vt.
  • Portland, Maine

I looked for Grand Rapids and found it was # 30 along with Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Other Michigan cities listed were Flint/Saginaw and Bay City which all came in at #52.




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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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