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Here are some items of interest I’ve found.

Pride of place must go to a post from Terrance Tiessen. The title of the post is Authentic Christian faith: individual but not individualistic. This post made me think hard and was a source of great encouragement. I have read it several times now–not something I do very often.

Roger Olson asks How to Solve a Theological Dilemma when Scripture Doesn’t Clearly Solve It: An Exercise in Theological Method.

Sam Storms writes about Why I Am a Continuationist. Thomas Schreiner writes about Why I Am a Cessationist.

Kevin DeYoung talks about John Calvin on Sleeping in Church.

Paul Adams gives a link to a lecture by Graham Cole “On the [Eternal ?] Subordination of the Son.”

Tim Challies offers a inforgraphic on John MacArthur. (HT: Scripture Zealot)

J.W. Wartick gives The Case for Christianity in 15 Minutes (or less).

Did Luther Believe in Consubstantiation? Good question in light of Wednesday’s post. A more definitive post is found here: Lutherans Deny Consubstantiation. While we’re on the topic this is another good post: The Myth of Consubstantiation.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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