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I found some fascinating posts which I’d like to draw your attention to. I hope you find some of them helpful.

Again, Terrance Tiessen has a remarkably interesting post where he interacts with a work by Denny Burk on Is Homosexual Orientation Sinful? Burk says he thinks it is and the reasoning has persuaded Terrance to say “my way of thinking and speaking about this matter needs to change.” Burk writes,

A common objection to the foregoing goes like this: “If a person cannot control whether they have same-sex attraction, how can that attraction be considered sinful?” This objection bases moral accountability upon whether one has the ability to choose his proclivities. But this is not how the Bible speaks of sin and judgment. There are all manner of predispositions that we are born with that the Bible nevertheless characterizes as sin: pride, anger, anxiousness, just to name a few. Why would we put same-sex attraction in a different category than those other predispositions that we groan to be delivered from and that we are morally accountable for?

The entire article is fascinating and will certainly generate a lot of conversation.

Kevin DeYoung offers a critical review of Austin Fischer’s new book Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed.

He says, “Although I disagree with Fischer on a lot of things, I agree with his insistence that what we make of Reformed theology is tremendously important.” Again, let the conversation continue.

Paul Adams stole my thunder in announcing a new book from Zondervan edited by Michael Bird entitled How God Became Jesus that will respond to Bart Ehrman’s new book How Jesus Became God. Both are due out in April.


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