Two New Titles from Moody Publishers: One by J.P. Moreland and the other a Tribute to Moreland

Moody Publishers has two new titles which will interest those with an interest in philosophy. The first is by J.P. Moreland entitled The Soul. If you’re familiar with Moreland there is considerable overlap with his previous writings. It is, however, an excellent introduction and defense of a substance dualist perspective on the soul. This view, Moreland says, has been held by “the vast majority of people, educated and uneducated alike.” (9) In spite of this he says, “Most lay Christians would be surprised to learn that, among contemporary Christian intellectuals, there is a wide-spread loathing for substance dualism.” (40)

The other title is Loving God with Your Mind. This is a compilation of essays in honor of J.P. Moreland.  Fair warning: this is not your average Moody title. Most of the essays require a good bit of prior philosophical knowledge in order to get through them. There is an afterword by Moreland. Two other chapters contain a short chronology and a list of his writings. Contributors include Paul Copan, Douglas Groothuis, Scott B. Rae, Stewart Goetz, R. Scott Smith, and more.

The Soul  Loving God with Your Mind


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