Thank you HarperCollins Christian Publishing!

I want to say thank you to all the good people from HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP)  for allowing me to attend their sales conference last week. For a week I was immersed in the fall line up and I must say there are some very exciting things on the horizon. Though my interests lie mostly in academic, reference and Bibles I took something away from each of the presentations including general trade, Spanish, fiction, and gift books. I appreciate this element because as a retailer I need to have at least some awareness of other product outside of my specialty so as to better serve all of my customers.

I owe a special thanks to Russ Schwartz (Vice President of Independent Christian Retail Sales) and Larry Avery (our sales representative) for extending me the invitation to attend. It was a pleasure to meet with many of the HCCP team who are among the best in the industry. They worked hard to make my stay comfortable. Several meals with the field reps allowed me to see the dynamic relationship they have between each other and with the company. Their job is not an easy one. How do you condense a week’s worth of material into an hour or two presentation to a store? I’m sure Larry thinks he doesn’t need to come to our store now since I can do his job for him. Sorry Larry, we still want to see your happy face. You can’t get off that easy. In the next few days I’ll give you some of the things I’m most excited about.

Just a quick note. The Word Biblical Commentary is moving from Thomas Nelson to the Zondervan side of the house. I didn’t see any new covers just a new set of editors will be maneuvering this series forward.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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