Some Articles of Interest from the Christian Research Journal

I don’t talk a lot about magazine articles on this blog. We’re mostly about books. But we do sell magazines and occasionally I browse through ones that we sell. One of the more popular ones is the Christian Research Journal. In the most recent issue (Vol. 36/No. 06/2013)  I found a number of articles that interested me. If one or more these seems interesting to you pick up a copy. The issue is dedicated to the gun control debate but that’s not what caught my eye.

What Cops Can Teach Christians about the Critical Use of Language” by J. Warner Wallace

“Does the Bible Require Christians to Attend Church?” by Kevin DeYoung and Jason Helopoulos

The money quote here is a quote they give from John Stott: “I trust that none of my readers is that grotesque anomaly, an un-churched Christian. The New Testament knows nothing of such a person.” (The Living Church, p. 19. IVP, 2007)

“God and the ‘Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics'” by William Lane Craig

Two articles were extended book reviews:

“The New Nothingness: A Look at Lawrence Krauss’s A Universe from Nothing by Dean C. Halverson

Halverson offers a nice review of A Universe from Nothing.

“The Myth of Persecution: A Provocative Title, an Overdone Thesis” by Paul L. Maier

In this article Maier gives a critical review of The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss. (HarperOne, 2013) Maier says, “The basic problem is that what is true in this book is not new, and what is new in this book is mostly not true.” Moss writes, “Scholars of early Christianity agree that there is very little evidence for the persecution of Christians (p. 18). Maier responds, “In fact, the only scholar I know of is Candida Moss! The evidence is instead overwhelming and categorical.” (55)

Christian Research Journal


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