New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis Set – Revised Edition – Coming Soon!

When I saw this at sales conference I was practically drooling. This is a thorough revision done by Moisés Silva. D.A. Carson says “Brings changes that make it richer and more user-friendly to those interested in detailed exegesis . . .  not all ‘standard reference works’ deserve to be standards; this one does.” Features include

  • Alphabetical arrangement according to Greek words to ensure that individual Greek words are not discussed in isolation from one another and are easy to access.
  • Additional Greek words and concepts not covered in the original work, it offers nearly 800 entries covering over 3,000 Greek words.
  • Discussions revised to be in line with modern scholarship and updated bibliographies.
  • Updated and added consistency to include–for every entry–all necessary background information from classical Greek, the LXX, and Jewish literature.
  • A helpful semantic domain index now directs the reader to all of the Greek words that have something to do with a particular English word
  • and much, much more!!

Students will certainly want to add this to their library. Over 100,000 of the first edition have sold in the United States since 1975.


Put this on your Christmas list. It will be out this November. The five volumes will sell for $249.99.


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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3 Responses to New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis Set – Revised Edition – Coming Soon!

  1. Any idea if Murray Harris’ sec on greek prepositions is updated or remains the same? It’s SOOOO very good!!


  2. I am wondering which new entries are in this, and what entries have been updated. I was discussing this with 2 of my seminary professors and both of them said that they would want to know just how updated it is before buying it. Does anyone know the answers to my ponderings?


    • Louis says:

      Good question. I asked the publisher and can offer the following in response. More than 50% of it is new material. Darrell Bock says this about the updated edition, “A quite useful tool from the past has been taken to a whole new level. Sometimes a 2.0 has the feel of a sequel with little new substance. The old resource works well enough. That is certainly not the case here. It has long been time for an up-to-date lexical tool and NIDNNTE is it.” Daniel Wallace notes, “The entries are more linguistically sensitive and consistent than in the previous iteration. A tool no expositor of the New Testament can be without.” Is it worth the investment? Yes, in my opinion this is. There is nothing worse than using dated scholarship when something better is available. Wait and see–I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Hope that helps.


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